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PLUS is a cost-effective cloud-based EMR with Medisoft PM!

eMDs is a trusted, market leading vendor with over two decades of experience. Renowned for building the most usable point of care clinical tools which are fully integrated with a powerful suite of billing and administrative tools to help you focus on patients. Our true cloud-based solution eliminates disruption and helps you focus on what is most important: your patients.

Smooth throughput drives patient satisfaction

Scheduling patients, equipment and staff can be a complex task and one that makes a huge difference in patient satisfaction. Plus scheduling is intuitive, easy to use, flexible to meet the needs of your practice.

Document care rapidly and accurately

Swift and complete documentation at the point of care results not only in better outcomes and care coordination, but more accurate and complete data capture for charges and quality reporting. Flexible and customizable templates with a deep library of pre-built content makes the EHR easy to implement for a variety of practice and speciality types. Numerous work flow tools make it easy to review and deal with ongoing tasks such as refill request, results review and messages. We help you go home on time.

Timely and accurate reimbursements

A comprehensive set of billing and patient accounts receivable management features combined with administrative task and workflow management tools.

Drive patient engagement and satisfaction

Patient communications are critical to the health of your patients and the financial success of your practice. Give your patients the convenience of online information including health record data, appointment requests and confirmations, results messaging, health maintenance reminders, refill requests and more. Online, secure and convenient. Plus, the portal can reduce resource requirements for your staff.

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