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A Simple Way to Send Claims

Remember when you could just click a couple of buttons and the claims just went? Imagine being able to view the claims on the screen before sending them to your clearinghouse or getting an immediate response report so you can fix the claims the same day as you sent them.

Now you can do all of this and more. Simple837 Pulls true ANSI EDI format straight from Medisoft and connects directly to the clearinghouse to transmit the claim.

  • Automatically transmits claims & pulls reports (with certain clearinghouses)
  • View Pre-verification report before sending claims
  • Ability to create multiple batches at one time
  • Hold or delete any individual batch
  • Creates a true ANSI EDI file
  • All fields pull directly from the Medisoft software
    -No more mapping & testing files
    -NPI numbers pull directly from Medisoft
  • Access to an archive of all batches sent
  • Integrates with SimpleERA (auto posting program)
  • Auto-creates EDI receivers

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