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Are you tired of organizing paper and sending statements? Think of all the time your office spends printing and mailing out patient statements.

SimpleEPS will allow you more time to care for patients and handle other important office duties by eliminating the hassle of printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping and mailing statements.

  • Simple, Fast, Accurate, Cost-effective and Secure
  • Four custom types of statements: Insurance Pending, Remainder, Past Due & a Collection Letter
  • Automatically flags your past due patients and/or guarantors with a color and billing code
  • Ability to create multiple batches at one time
  • Hold or delete any individual batch
  • Hold or Delete guarantor statements from the batch
  • View a full pre batch report before you submit your statements
  • Access to an archive of all batches sent
  • Three custom statement messages and three custom dunning messages
  • Reduce the time to do statements by as much as 90%
  • Auto-Upload

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